[CentOS] Is FUSE enabled in centos5 ?

Fri Jul 27 01:44:05 UTC 2007
Narasimha Valiveti <nvaliveti at gmail.com>


 I noticed FUSE is not there by default disabled on centos 5. Is there a
separate RPM that includes FUSE module for
the same kernel as of centos 5 ?. I have installed the latest centos 5
update, don't see FUSE enabled .

[root at xx]# pwd
[root at xx]# grep FUSE .config
# CONFIG_FUSE_FS is not set
[root at xx]#

I checked both addons and centosplus, it doesn't seem to be their also.  Any
comments where I can
find the FUSE module already built for centos 5 kernels  (FYI, I really
don't want to build a FUSE module
by myself, which is what I am doing right now !) ?.

Thanks for the help,

- vnr

PS: Sorry, if you are getting multiple posts, my earlier post somehow got
lost !.
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