[CentOS] dumb sendmail question -- how to get outbound messages to use "example.com" instead of hostname?

Tue Jul 3 01:16:15 UTC 2007
Richard Chapman <rchapman at aardvark.com.au>

Hi Jeff

I am wrestling with the same problem. However I set the masquerading - 
it just wont do it. My theory is that the user "root" is a "trusted 
user" and is allowed to override outgoing email addresses. I think this 
is overriding the masquerading. I suspect that the masquerading will 
work for non-trusted users. Also - if I change roots "from addresss" to 
eliminate the "host" then both the from " and "envelope sender" are sent 
without the host. Let me know if you find a better solution.


Jeff Potter wrote:
>>      Since you are using NAT, the important IP address and host name
>> associated with it is the one the outside world sees.  Does that IP 
>> address
>> have a host name the world sees and does that name then resolve to 
>> the same IP
>> address?
> Yup -- that's what I'm trying to get sendmail to use, but it's 
> insisting on using the internal hostname, inclusive of the machine 
> name. I.e., "betsy.example.com" is the actual hostname, at 10.x.x.x; 
> all the 10.x.x.x machines have custom /etc/hosts that define 
> betsy.example.com, etc., with their 10.x.x.x IPs. When it sends email 
> to the outside world, I need to to send as "example.com", dropping the 
> "betsy" part.
> Is this really that hard?
> best,
> Jeff
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