[CentOS] Both archs version rpm are installed during update?

Tue Jul 3 01:46:23 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhullrich at gmail.com>

On 7/2/07, Richard Chapman <rchapman at aardvark.com.au> wrote:
> I was interested to see that Firefox java and flash plugins aren't
> available in x86_64.
> Does this explain why flash and/or java plugins aren't working on my
> Centos 5 x86_64 installation. If I go to (say) you-tube - it tells me I
> don't have the latest flash player - or don't have java enabled. If I
> follow their instructions on installing them - it tells me they are
> already installed.
> Anyone else found this - and found a solution?

Yes - use the i386 version of Firefox and the plugins will work.  I
use the i386 version of SeaMonkey as I had the same problems with the
x86_64 bit version, and they work fine.