[CentOS] symbolic links seemingly not browseable

Tue Jul 3 17:37:25 UTC 2007
Stephen Harris <lists at spuddy.org>

> On a fresh install of CentOS5, I need to use an alternate port for ftp. 
> Currently vsftpd wants the standard port which is in use by another
> system on my NATted network.  So...how does one go about reconfiguring
> vsftpd to do this?  I've looked in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf to no avail. 

>From the FAQ that's included with the documentation (at least on my 4.5

  Q) Help! Can I change the port that vsftpd runs on?
  A1) Yes. If you are running vsftpd in standalone mode, use the "listen_port"
  directive in vsftpd.conf.
  A2) Yes. If you are running vsftpd from an inetd or xinetd program, this
  becomes an inetd or xinetd problem. You must change the inetd or xinetd
  configuration files (perhaps /etc/inetd.conf or /etc/xinetd.d/vsftpd)
Sometimes reading the documentation helps :-)