[CentOS] How to configure PAM in Centos 5 64-bit?

Tue Jul 3 23:33:55 UTC 2007
Tim Meanor <timspam at meanor.net>

Just edit system-auth directly.  authconfig is okay for doing some  
initial configuration, but once you get beyond that, you'll have to  
just edit the files directly.


On Jul 3, 2007, at 6:01 PM, Scott Ehrlich wrote:

> I'm new the the PAM world and have CentOS 5 64-bit installed on a  
> system.
> I want to tweak some of the system-auth module settings, but the  
> top of the file says anything configured in that file will get  
> overwritten, as it is autogenerated by authconfig.
> I checked out authconfig, and it doesn't seem clear to me how to  
> make the changes I need via authconfig.
> So, where do I need to look?   What utility/file do I touch?
> Thanks.
> Scott
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