[CentOS] Re: "driconf" to try to solve "texture size" problem with beryl+radeon+dualhead+mergefb

Wed Jul 4 09:22:10 UTC 2007
ArcosCom Linux User <linux at arcoscom.com>

I have a Radeon X600.

I don't stand fine how I can change that "things" you said. Could you
explain a bit how can I change that parameters? What configuration files /
programs must I change/run? How?

As I said, I have no knowledge about Xorg graphics architecture or any
graphics related parameters.

I can change any xorg parameter, or any configuration file using your help
(or any link that anybody post here). But I think, at this point, my
xorg.conf is well configured (thanks to the xorg buys for their help) and
must be any other configuration file or perhaps I must think in wait for a
new beryl release or a new driver release. I don't know yet.


El Mie, 4 de Julio de 2007, 11:04, Roland Scheidegger escribió:
> ArcosCom Linux User wrote:
>> As some e-mails ago, I'm trying to play beryl in my laptop.
>> I successfully configured my xorg.conf (thanks to the comunity for the
>> help that allowed me that).
>> The problem:
>> When I boot the laptop without external LCD/CRT, beryl is working fine,
>> but when I boot it with the external, it recognice fine the external LCD
>> and don't want to allow beryl run.
>> What beryl says:
>> Checking maximum texture size                   : failed
>> Root window size (2960/1050) is bigger then maximum texture size
>> (2048x2048)
>> Searching the web I readed that with "driconf" util I can try to solve
>> the
>> problem. I had installed driconf 0.9.1 successfully, but I don't know
>> how
>> to change that parameters.
>> Does anyone used driconf or knows how can I solve this problem with
>> beryl/compiz?
> Radeons have a texture size limit of 2048x2048 (well pre-r500 radeons),
> so there is not much you can do. The driconf setting you're refering to
> was to allow larger textures which might not fit into video memory under
> some circumstances, but this is the default now and it won't allow
> larger than 2048x2048 anyway (btw software mesa may have the same limit,
> but obviously this is not really set in stone).
> compiz/beryl may work around this by breaking the too large textures up
> into smaller ones, though I'm not sure if there's work going on in that
> direction. It won't be very efficient, neither.
> If you have a pre-r300 radeon, you would hit the 3d coordinate limit too
> (2048 too), which would need to be solved at the driver level.
> Roland