[CentOS] PHP 5.2

Thu Jul 12 20:27:18 UTC 2007
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
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>> John Thomas wrote:
>>> To me, there seems to be growing support to requiring PHP 
>> 5.2 within the
>>> next year, see http://www.gophp5.org/ .  Does anyone know 
>> of plans to
>>> release PHP 5.2 RPMS in any of the major repos?
>> Well ... We have the CentOSPlus repo ... but that is using the RHWAS
>> version of PHP.  If PHP-5.2 becomes "the enterprise standard" (or even
>> important for many apps) then I suspect that RH will add it 
>> to RHWAS ...
>> as they did the latest postgresql, etc.  If they do, then we 
>> will add it
>> to the CentOSPlus repo.
>> Otherwise, I don't see CentOS providing that, at least not for normal
>> operations.  Of course, I would never say never, as we may 
>> add it in the
>> future.
>> We are also not adding KDE-3.6 (or Gnome-2.20) to CentOS-4, 
>> etc ... nor
>> have we added many newer things to CentOS-3.8 or 2.1.
> I'd be happy if KDE 3.5.7 would appear in CentOS-5, 3.5.4 still has
> broken cups support (and other issues too).

Right ... but those are upstream issues.

CentOS, by it's very nature, is not patching upstream technical issues
(except bugfixes we figure out ... and those proposed fixes are normally
submitted to upstream, not rolled into CentoS).

The goal is to produce a distribution that is as close a possible to
upstream (warts and all) ... and help upstream fix things with patches
where we can figure out what is wrong.  That makes EL better for
everyone and minimizes the FORK effect.

The kde-redhat project might be an option to get a newer KDE in CentOS-5.

JOhnny Hughes

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