[CentOS] CentOS based router dropping connections

Tue Jul 24 21:42:48 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Jesse Cantara wrote:
> So basically, what I can figure from all of the evidence at this point 
> is the problem is either:
> default configuration of the network in CentOS isn't proper for what 
> I'm doing (can't handle the traffic or number of connections). I get a 
> decent amount of traffic, maxing out a 10 Mbit connection all day 
> long. I don't know exactly where to check to diagnose if this is the 
> case though. Can anybody point me where to find things like the system 
> usage of the network (memory, any buffers, # of connections, etc)? the 
> things I know to check look normal, but that's basically just 
> ifconfig, and your standard /var/log/message and dmesg log files.
> or:
> the network drop from the hosting facility is "bad" somehow, either 
> the cable physically, or the way in which they are limiting me to 10 
> Mbit.

check with the facility to see if that drop is 10Mbit HALF duplex, and 
if so, make sure your server's NIC is configured as such.

I had a problem like this in a  coloc many years ago, with a much older 
linux version.