[CentOS] Centos as a desktop, advisable?

Wed Jul 25 14:43:12 UTC 2007
Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net>

Dave K wrote:
> On 7/25/07, Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com> wrote:
>> I agree completely.  I don't see any real showstoppers that would
>> prevent it from being a fine desktop.  There are a few extras that I'd
>> want to grab from the Fedora repos, but you can't beat the
>> cost/stability/speedy updates/7 year EOL with a stick.
> I agree, but I think the earlier comments have some validity though.
> It would be far more useful if certain key apps (e.g. FireFox and
> OpenOffice, I'm sure each of us has their own "key app" list) were
> kept up-to-date, perhaps in an alternative repo.  And for supporting a
> large deployment, they need to be a repo, building/installing manually
> just isn't an option.

Man, you have the Centos plus repo, and if that does not make you happy, 
you have all the tools you need to roll your own repo. What is this 
about building/installing manually?