[CentOS] DVD Drive Recommendations

Thu Jul 26 09:44:52 UTC 2007
Morten Torstensen <morten at mortent.org>

John R Pierce wrote:
>> I've used an Optiarc to burn all that in Linux, some with cdrecord 
>> some with NeroLinux. Optiarc is a joint NEC/Sony company. DVD 
>> drives/burners are commodity these days with standard interfaces.
> not many support dvd-ram, however, which was buried in his list.

But the Optiarchs that supports Lightscribe also supports DVD-RAM. So 
the NEC AD-5170 does not support DVD-RAM, but the NEC AD-7173 does.

My point was more that you just find a DVD-burner with the specs you 
need and it should work. I have used Plextor, Sony, NEC and Optiarc over 
the last year or so and I have not detected any functional differences 
in use in linux, apart from the different feature sets and speeds.


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