[CentOS] Re: openoffice

Sat Jul 28 06:18:24 UTC 2007
Alex White <ethericalzen at gmail.com>

On 7/27/07, beast <beast at ldap.or.id> wrote:
> On 27/07/07 10:13 -0500, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> >I have not tried to integrate the newest OOo2 into CentOS-5 (or even
> >CentOS-4.5) since both have OOo-2.0.4 integrated.  Are there REALLY that
> >many new features that you MUST upgrade from a Stable 2.0.4 to a new 2.2.x?
> Not today, but next year OOo 2.0 will be outdated and if asking for a support
> most people will ask to get the latest version.
> My reasons is because the recent OO provides better compatibility with the latest MS
> Office, since it is a critical to our company which exchange the document in
> MS office format with the customer.
> >Well ... you would have to rebuild a newer version other than the one on
> >FC6 ... which MIGHT still work on CentOS-5.  However, in the future as
> >tomcat, glibc and other build requires diverge between FC6 and CentOS-5
> >it will be less likely to work.
> >
> >In a 8 months when there is no more FC6 support, that will stop working
> >anyway.
> This is what i'm worry about...
> >=== OR === create a process to use the OOo RPMS
> >directly from the OpenOffice.org website.
> >
> I also thinking this is the best possible solution.
> Get the OO package from openoffice.org site and then add desktop integration ourself.
> But, will it mess up the whole thing when we i do 'yum upgrade'?
> --beast

It won't mess up the whole thing if you exclude openoffice in your yum
configuration. Yum will happily ignore openoffice from that point


Alex White