[CentOS] Re: Hard disk recomendation for a software raid 5 array. Does Linux Software Raid support/interacts well with TLER enabled disks.

Sat Jul 28 07:21:06 UTC 2007
Alexander Georgiev <alexander.georgiev at gmail.com>

> I have used raid aware and non-raid aware disks for both hardware and software
> raid. You really want the raid edition drives, as they will send a fail up the
> channel much faster than a non-raid drive. The non-raid drives will retry over
> and over, and you stand a chance of data loss while they decide what to do.
> Software raid will just fail the drive and switch to degraded mode.
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Ok, and should I mix disks from different vendors? I have read
somewhere that this augments the reliability of the array, lowering
the probability of 2 disks and more go down simultaneously?