[CentOS] Very early PANIC during boot

Alfred von Campe alfred at von-campe.com
Fri Jun 1 18:35:04 UTC 2007

I'm in the process of updating all my CentOS systems from 4.4 to  
4.5.  One of the systems is spewing out the following error during  
the reboot:

   INIT: version 2.85 booting
   INIT: PANIC: segmentation violation at 0x420! sleeping for 30 seconds

This happens so early in the boot I have no idea what I can do to  
debug this.  I suspect it is a hardware problem and not something  
caused by the "yum update", but I thought I'd mention it here in case  
anyone else has any ideas.

Update: I originally sent this message out yesterday, but my email  
client used the wrong account so it didn't get posted to the list.   
I've since re-imaged this system (thank you Red Hat for Kickstart),  
but I am still curious what could have possibly caused this and any  
debugging techniques that can be used in this situation.

On a vaguely related note, I also have pondered the following in the  
past; if you observe a system booting, you'll see all the "[OK]" and  
"[FAILED]" messages.  Is there a log somewhere where you can check  
later on which services were started and which passed or failed?


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