[CentOS] xen - 4 concurrent virtual DomU limitation - how to increae this? (centos 5 x86_64)

Johnny Tan jtan at limewire.com
Mon Jun 4 16:21:44 UTC 2007

Urs Rau wrote:
> Thanks, I tried this, but no change. I think this was/is possibly just
> related to the limit of number of loopback interfaces the standard
> kernel has. And how to increase this. But for me it has no effect on the
> number of DomU I can run. I only manage Dom0 + 4 after that it just
> hangs on a xm create and when I hit Ctrl-c it comes back with the error
> Error: Device creation failed for domain test5.

Assuming you are using the xen packages that came with 
CentOS-5 (as opposed to downloading XenExpress which I 
believe has a hard limit of 4 vms), I'm at a loss here too.

Also, it seems you are doing full virtualization (I'm doing 
para), but I don't see why that would make a difference. 
Although it might be interesting to see if you could create 
a paravirt VM.

Either way, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can jump in 


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