[CentOS] Totem Can't Read .wmv Files

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Tue Jun 5 04:25:08 UTC 2007

Mark Hull-Richter a écrit :

> I'm a fan of mplayer, too, but how do you "replace" totem with it?  I
> don't much care for totem at all 

I don't install it in the first place :o)

I'm always starting from a minimal stripped-down install, then add 
components and configure them one after another. In that case, 'yum 
groupinstall "X Window System"', configure that, then 'yum groupinstall 
"GNOME Desktop Environment"', which contains neither Totem nor Rhythmbox.

After this, I install what I consider the best-of-the-breed for each 
task. The only 'double employment' comes for VLC and MPlayer, since the 
mplayerplug-in comes in very handy to play various stuff on the web, 
like the Real Media streams on Amazon, or stuff like that.


Dyslexics have more fnu.

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