[CentOS] Re: CentOS 5 Issues Booting Under VMWare

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Jun 5 16:00:27 UTC 2007

Scott Silva spake the following on 6/5/2007 8:26 AM:
> hkclark at gmail.com spake the following on
> 6/5/2007 5:19 AM:
>> Hi,
>> VMWare has been a great tool for me to experiment with CentOS 3 and
>> CentOS 4.  However, I'm running into issues with CentOS 5.  First, it
>> is *extremely* slow to boot (as in it takes over an hour to boot
>> CentOS 5 on a machine that boots CentOS 3 & 4 in less than one
>> minute).  Then, after an hour of slowly watching the messages go by on
>> the console and the CPU of the host machine pegged at 100%, I get this
>> error:
>> VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)
>> NOT_REACHED F(562):1742
>> A log file is available in ...
>> I have done a "minimal install" of CentOS 5 (all checkboxes in the
>> category/task selection screen are unchecked -- so to X-Windows
>> involved) and the virtual machine has 750MB of RAM.  I'm using VMWare
>> Workstation 4.5 and the host OS is Windows XP Pro.  I have not been
>> able to install the VMWare tool since I can't get it to finish
>> booting.
>> Has anyone else run into this?  I have seen some discussion on the
>> list about VMWare and CentOS 5, but nothing that seemed to match what
>> I'm running into.
>> Thanks,
>> Kennedy
> I'm doing an install right now. I'll let you know my results.
Just finished a "server" install, and it booted in less than 2 minutes,
including SSH key generation. Now doing a minimal install because I started
the server install before I finished reading your message.


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