[CentOS] CentOS Based Linux Firewall Document

Lorenzo Martínez Rodríguez Lawwait at yahoo.es
Wed Jun 6 23:28:53 UTC 2007

What is all this mess?.... I have requested him his document and he has
no problem to send it to me.

I understand the document belongs to him and he let us to read it. Where
is the problem? The document size is near 15 MB and I think that it is
not a good idea to send it by mail to the list directly (simply because
a lot of people will not mind about it and they would have to download
15 MB).

If he likes to make a PDF in which people cannot write, it is his
problem. It is not allowing you to write on them, just giving you the
chance to read it. If you like his way, go ahead, if you doesn't bad
luck. His rules are the rules...

I don't think he had problems to receive suggestions about the document
structure, contents or even his way of harden firewalls, but they are
just advices or suggestions, and if he think your ideas are right he
will care about them. (For example I think that installing X Windows in
a machine that will be used for firewall purposes is not good, I just
had a look on his document, but if he thinks he is OK, what can I do?)

I guess that people that share their documents or resources are always
welcome, and we don't have to ficht with them about the way they go.


Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 6/6/07, pctech at mybellybutton.com <pctech at mybellybutton.com> wrote:
>> Just because someone doesn't like the way I distribute it doesn't
>> mean that they have the right to tell me what to do with it or how to
>> give it to people.  If they don't like my distribution method then
>> they are free not to ask for it.  Nobody's making them ask for it.  I
>> *CLEARLY* stated in my original e-mail who the intended target
>> audience was.
> Your named target audience were the folks who have already asked you
> for this once before. You already have their addresses, as this is the
> only way you distribute the document.
> You don't get to cherry pick your arguments here. If you're going to
> come into a venue with lots of folks who don't approve of your model
> (which is entirely up to you, that's fine and it's completely your
> choice) you can't expect them to not yell a bit.
> It would be something akin to handing out pro-life flyers at an
> abortion clinic. Both groups are well within their rights, and not a
> damn one of them is happy about the situation.
> As I said, do not advertise it here, and don't continue this
> discussion. I'm not questioning the method of distribution, or the
> content but I don't want it on this list. Period.


Lorenzo Martínez Rodríguez
Consultor de seguridad informática

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