[CentOS] error in kickstart file for raid1 setup

Dave dmehler26 at woh.rr.com
Thu Jun 7 06:07:01 UTC 2007

    I'm trying to do a kickstart install of centos5. I'm pulling it off a 
network server and i'm getting an error, in the parsing of the file. It 
refers to line 31, i'm not going to show the complete file, but here is the 
indicated line:
raid swap --fstype swap --level=RAID1 raid.4 raid.7

and the raid lines:
part raid.7 --size=512 --ondisk=hdb
part raid.4 --size=512 --ondisk=hda

My parse error message is:
"option --device is required"

The raid lines indicate which drive to work on, i'm not seeing the issue.
    Any help appreciated.

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