[CentOS] 1) Power off 2) Automatic updates with GNOME

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Thu Jun 7 08:07:24 UTC 2007


1) When I'm doing a server install as well as a desktop install, I 
always start from a minimal install, then add components as needed. Now 
I noticed that on a minimal system (no X11, no GNOME), when doing either 
'halt' or 'shutdown -h now', the machine halts... but doesn't switch off 
the power. The user has to do it manually. (I vaguely remember that on 
older Slackware versions, one had to manually load the apm module). On 
the other hand, once I install a graphical environment ('yum grouinstall 
"X Window System"', 'yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop Environment"'), 
shutting down the machine also shuts down the power.

Q: how can I switch off the power on a machine with just a basic install?

2) When installing a GNOME environment, there's a sort of graphical 
system update notifier daemon in the system tray, which occasionally 
tells me "There are 3 updates available" or something. How can I 
deactivate this thing? I'm meant to install this in our public 
libraries, and I want the average user - who barely knows how to handle 
a mouse, left alone system updates - to be confronted as little as 
possible to gory system details.

Q: how can I turn the system update notifier off... or even uninstall it 
(since I manage the system via rpm and yum on the commandline)?


Niki Kovacs

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