[CentOS] Problem Rsyncing to mirrors for yum repo

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Thu Jun 7 12:51:46 UTC 2007

Hi There,

I run my own yum repo and have started seeing this error on the 4.5 repo

rsync: opendir "4.5/os/i386/CentOS/RPMS/.~tmp~" (in CentOS) failed: 
Permission denied (13)

This is to do with the upstream rysnc server, I have tried several 
different rsync servers and each  chokes on this .~tmp~ directory.

If I remove it, it copies again on next rsync and thereafter chokes as 

Any ideas? I wondered if it was mechanism applied to stop further sync's 
from the repo as 4.5 is now "old hat" (no pun intended :-) )



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