[CentOS] Re: Dovecot .99 Bug - LF not found where expected

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Thu Jun 7 17:30:13 UTC 2007

Chris Mauritz wrote:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> John Hinton
>>> Having had yet another of these errors, I was able to test deleting the
>>> first line in the mail file. Removing that single LF fixed the problem.
>>> Still wondering what I should do as this is obviously something that is
>>> now very old and very irritating. It is a bug.
>>> John Hinton
>> A RedHat bug report is your only option if you stay with 0.99.
>> I bit the bullet and upgraded to 1.0.0 with an rpm from rpmforge.
>> The performance is much better. Almost as much improvement as when I 
>> first
>> switched from wuimap.
> I agree with Scott.  I also bit the bullet and went to 1.0 (also from 
> rpmforge) and am testing it now.  It is noticeably faster and I look 
> forward to not dealing with that bug again (though it doesn't happen 
> very often).
> Best,
I have filed bug report:


If any of you want to follow/participate.

John Hinton

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