[CentOS] SSH suddenly started failing :(

John Lagrue admin at moraystudio.com
Thu Jun 7 20:15:23 UTC 2007

Dan Halbert wrote:
> I had a few questions about your failed ssh logins. It appeared to me 
> from the client log that you successfully authenticated but then the 
> session immediately closed.
> 1. Can you login locally? (Maybe you can only login remotely?)
> 2. Can others ssh login normally?
> 3. Can you login as root or as someone else and then do "su -" to 
> yourself?
> Maybe your login shell is broken/missing/not-permitted? Maybe your 
> homedir is missing (I don't think that should prevent login, though.)
> Dan
I am running a VNC onto the server, and using a window in there can 
switch users quite happily. But nobody can ssh into the server.

My only thought is that a few days ago I changed the hostname using 
system-network-config but I am pretty certain that I could still ssh in 
after doing that. It just stopped working this morning.

I've even tried rebooting in case there were odd processes hanging 
about, but that's made no difference. At the moment I'm totally stuck!


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