[CentOS] SSH suddenly started failing :(

John Lagrue admin at moraystudio.com
Thu Jun 7 20:17:44 UTC 2007

Dan Halbert wrote:
> I had a few questions about your failed ssh logins. It appeared to me 
> from the client log that you successfully authenticated but then the 
> session immediately closed.
> 1. Can you login locally? (Maybe you can only login remotely?)
> 2. Can others ssh login normally?
> 3. Can you login as root or as someone else and then do "su -" to 
> yourself?
> Maybe your login shell is broken/missing/not-permitted? Maybe your 
> homedir is missing (I don't think that should prevent login, though.)
Interestingly, I get the the same error even in the VNC window if I type 
"ssh -p 2222 localhost". It starts and immediately fails!

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