[CentOS] procmail, and the care and feeding of mailing list content received

Akemi Yagi amyagi at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:19:50 UTC 2007

Hi Russ,

Thanks for this hint.  I have a couple of questions.

On 6/7/07, R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com> wrote:

> :0fh
> * ^List-Id:.*centos\.centos\.org

This is a handy way of filtering by the mailing list name.  Thanks.

> * ^Subject:.*Some subject line here
> *!^X-brand
>          | formail -A "X-brand: killfile "
> # and dump them
> :0 w
> * ^X-brand: killfile
>          /dev/null

Could you explain why you are going through killfile here?  For
example, can't you just do:

* ^(From|Sender|Received):.*Perrin

if you do not want anything from a person named Perrin?  I have lines
like that in my filter (not with 'Perrin' by the way) and it seems to
be working.  As you can tell, I am not very familiar with procmail
filter format.


> -- Russ Herrold

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