[CentOS] using a previous /home dir

Shawn Brown big.coffee.lover at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 18:39:43 UTC 2007


how can I use my previous /home partion under a new installation of cent0S5?

Is it something like:

mount it
chown it (so the UIDs match)
fstab it (suggestions here pelase)

Was using fc6 that died in an update (I think XP under vm ware crashed) and
segfaulted on reboot.

Wanted to go to centOS anyway so...

Um, the /home is a mirrored raid device across 2 disks.  I can mount it

Sorry if this seems so simple to find it on google.  I searched around and
thought I'd ask before going further thinking maybe someone has a howto or
would suggest a reinstall of centOS5 with it pointed to the /home directory
I'd like to use.  Wasn't sure how to do that without reformatting is though.

I doubt this is relevant at this moment but the previous installation was
i686 and the new on is x86_64

Thanks and happy to be finallying using centOS

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