[CentOS] is CentOS stable enough ?

boisvert.guy at videotron.ca boisvert.guy at videotron.ca
Mon Jun 11 19:46:04 UTC 2007

> arnuld wrote:> > of RHEL which is the base of CentOS, i just want to know whether> CentOS is stable and reliable enough to work with. i will use CentOS> You simply cannot judge CentOS based on what you get with Fedora.Fedora is an open testbed for Upstream Vendor.  They incorporate new technologies or new software versions.  This doesn't stop people from using Fedora, you can make it stable if you want (depending on what you want to do with it).In my case, i own a consulting business and i'm not afraid of using CentOS.  I have many servers in production and they do just fine.  Sure, no OS is perfect and you have to know about the one(s) you support.Regards,Guy BoisvertIngTegration inc.
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