[CentOS] Recommendation/pointers please - Need to brush up onCentOS/Linux command line tools

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> to brush up onCentOS/Linux command line tools
> Two books I turn to mostly:
> UNIX System Administration handbook 3rd edition by Evi Nemeth 
> et al. - a 
> good general coverage, which breaks down the differences between how 
> Redhat, Solaris, HP-UX, and FreeBSD handle things.
> O'reilly Unix in a Nutshell (3rd edition) - a little Solaris-centric, 
> but good for reviewing commands in paper form, and a handy little 
> resource for when I forget sed and awk syntax.

Actually the person who suggested man man was probably the best

Now some man pages are weak, they use to be stronger on BSD I remember.

Check out 'apropos' and 'makewhatis' (which generates the indexes for
apropos out of the man pages).

But some basic commands to have in your arsenal:

ls,cd,pwd,pushd,popd -> for getting around the file system

sh/bash -> a must to have in your arsenal, no need to learn all the
nitty gritty of scripting it, but job history, and command-line
completion will make your life easier, especially you should learn
to pipe '|' output of one command into the input of another,
learning '<' and '>' to redirect input and output to/from text
files will be useful too.

cat,tail,head -> for listing/concatenating, looking at the end of,
and looking at the beginning of a text file

more,less -> for paging through streams of text

grep,sed,awk -> for getting what you are looking for out of a stream
of text.

ps -> for seeing what is running and by who

vi -> for editing files, it's not a WYSIWYG editor, but it's easier
than 'ed', which is really just an interactive version of 'sed', there
is a lot under the hood of 'vi' which makes it my config file editor
of choice

If you can master those commands you will be in good shape.


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