[CentOS] Re: is CentOS stable enough ?

Andy Goss aegoss at vicnet.net.au
Tue Jun 12 01:20:49 UTC 2007

On Monday 11 June 2007 22:00, arnuld <geek.arnuld at gmail.com> wrote:
> i am a newbie to CentOS. for my project work i need to have
> RHEL. so i searched Google for Open alternatives and found  CentOS to
> be most popular.
> i have used Fedora, the base of RHEL and CentOS. Fedora is the one of
> the most buggy *NIX distro i have ever seen. since Fedora is the base
> of RHEL which is the base of CentOS, i just want to know whether
> CentOS is stable and reliable enough to work with. 

From one newbie to another, I suggest you look at the CentOS site, in particular the page 


As I understand it, RHEL is not based on Fedora. Fedora is something of a testbed for things that often appear in future versions of RHEL, so the resemblance is not surprising. 

RHEL is industrial strength Linux and so does not have the latest but still wobbly innovations. What it does have is good and stable, and quite recent enough for most purposes.

CentOS takes the RHEL source code, which is Open Source, and compiles it as CentOS. They aim to make it totally compatible with RHEL. CentOS is as stable as RHEL, and has what looks like a better update/upgrade process.

If your project is on RHEL, then CentOS is the tool for you, just make sure you install the matching version.

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