[CentOS] is CentOS stable enough ?

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Tue Jun 12 08:17:43 UTC 2007

arnuld wrote:
>> On 6/12/07, Feizhou <feizhou at graffiti.net> wrote:
>> arnuld wrote:
>> > i have used Fedora, the base of RHEL and CentOS. Fedora is the one of
>> > the most buggy *NIX distro i have ever seen. since Fedora is the base
>> > of RHEL which is the base of CentOS, i just want to know whether
>> > CentOS is stable and reliable enough to work with. i will use CentOS
>> > primarily for
>> > developing softwares and also for watching Bruce Lee's movies ;-)
>> So RHEL is your fixed platform/environment?
> to be *exact*, i want to have a job as "C++ and OOAD expert"
> specialized on UNIX or Linux platform and i was told in my posts on
> Linuxqestions.org and justlinuxforums.org that RHEL will look good on
> my resume rather than other distros because Red Hat is the biggest
> commercial vendor of Linux and most companies use it.i looked for RHEL
> alternative and found 2 to be better than others:  CetnOS and
> Scientifc Linux. hence both will be an edge for me on my Resume as
> compared to, say, Gentoo/Arch or Debian.

C++ eh? Did you know that g++ has ABI issues even within minor versions?

If you want to specialize on a UNIX platform, I suggest that you look 
elsewhere such as OpenSolaris. NOTHING in Linux space will meet UNIX 
because we use GNU tools and GNU = GNU is NOT UNIX. Solaris will be much 
more similar to other UNIX OS like AIX, HP-Unix, Irix...

If you want to specialize on Linux...whichever distro you use would be 
very much the same for development except for perhaps packaging and 
system administration and the latter is not really that important now 
for developers...

> the primary reason of using CentOS is only to get a better Resume as
> it i will say:
> "I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS as my primary development 
> platform"

Hmm...I do not know...I personally do not see how this is a particular 
benefit. I hold a RHCE certificate. Would you say that this would make 
my resume better?

>> > NOTE: please do not take my email is as offense, to be true to you,
>> > Fedora just sucks :-(
>> Depends on what parts of it you are using imho.
> that says you are an experienced man and that reply swept above my head :-(

That is just to say you cannot make a blanket statement about Fedora or 
any other Linux distro.

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