[CentOS] is CentOS stable enough ?

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Tue Jun 12 08:51:42 UTC 2007

Steve Searle wrote:
> Around 09:21am on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 (UK time), Feizhou scrawled:
>> Well, desktop related problems aside, Fedora can be very useful in a 
>> server environment. Weird that others find Fedora great on the desktop 
>> but would never touch it with a ten foot pole for a server :P.
> Although I find Fedora stable enough to use as a server, the frequency
> of having to upgrade to a new version means I find Centos a better
> choice.  As others have said, upgrading every 4 years or so is much
> better than upgrading every year.

It is certainly less of a headache. No need to build a system just to 
handle deployment (not that this is a bad thing...) once a year along 
with whatever you need if you do not have that many servers and 
therefore such a system would be overkill.

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