[CentOS] Re: is CentOS stable enough ?

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Tue Jun 12 10:43:28 UTC 2007

Feizhou wrote:
> If you understand 'automated deployment' to mean just merely clobbering 
> an installation with another Linux distro then I cannot help you. 

You're right, we are not using the same terms.  I understand "automated 
deployment" to include things like yum.

> one does not leave out staging the deployment to a staging box/farm 

You're restricting yourself to a subset of the real world here.

Staging systems do not make sense everywhere.  I cannot justify creating 
a staging system for my tax accountant client, where I installed a file 
server.  There's only the one server.  For your idea to work, before 
doing an OS upgrade, I'd have to have an identical spare machine just 
sitting around idle for me to test on.  Tax accountants are CHEAP.  I 
had a hard time talking the accountant into RAID.  A duplicate testing 
box, too?  Please....

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