[CentOS] ARP Problem ???

Bob Chiodini bob.chiodini at nasa.gov
Tue Jun 12 12:38:41 UTC 2007

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> Craig Van Ham wrote:
>> Does any one know if this is normal operating of ARP… Or where to 
>> start looking…
>> I am seeing a lot of ARP requests for my router IP from the same IP 
>> within seconds.
>> 21:04:41.112929 arp who-has IP tell MY ROUTERS IP
> Get us the MAC address that is asking. This will give us the card 
> manufacturer, which will then, perhaps tell you which system on your 
> network is the culprit.
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It looks like it's his router that is asking and the requested device is 
not responding.  Is the "who-has IP" address up and valid?


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