[CentOS] lvm

Shawn javajunkie at koyuru.com
Wed Jun 13 01:10:32 UTC 2007


I have a physical volume with no volume group.

# /sbin/pvscan -n
  WARNING: only considering physical volumes in no volume group
  PV /dev/sdg2         lvm2 [148.95 GB]
  Total: 1 [148.95 GB] / in use: 0 [0   ] / in no VG: 1 [148.95 GB]

Can I just create a volume group -- for example:
# vgcreate my_volume_group /dev/sdg2

and then activate it:

# vgchange -a y my_volume_group

I don't wish to reformat it or otherwise lose data stored on the volume
if possible.

Other suggestions?


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