Thanks -- RE: [CentOS] kickstart fails statically built custom kernel: anacondadoesn't honor static NIC/SATA driver in kernel?

Mogens Kjaer mk at
Wed Jun 13 08:14:04 UTC 2007

Guolin Cheng wrote:
> Mogens,
>  The Booting Sequence problem is described below:
>  Two types of NICs are installed on one machine, BIOS/PXE boots from one
> type, but after that Linux/Kickstart kernel detect another type NIC as
> eth0 and trying to install from that unconnected NIC.

You don't need a custom kernel to fix this problem.

If the interface from which you've PXE booted is named eth1, you can
fix the installation by appending "ksdevice=eth1" to the append line
in the pxelinux.cfg/default file.


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