[CentOS] Centos 5

Tomas Ruprich ruprich at uikt.mendelu.cz
Wed Jun 13 08:30:16 UTC 2007

Tue, Jun 12, 2007 ve 08:41:36PM -0500, Dave Augustus napsal:
> > Why isn???t there a server ISO for Centos 5.0 
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Craig
> > 
> The ISO contains all the software needed for workstation or a server.
> *You* determine what the end result of your installation of Centos is by
> what software you install on the computer.
> Dave

Maybe Craig thought the serverCD ISO, which i was using too... Why to
download all packages, when for server are really needed only a few?

Therefore i established own tftp server and all my servers are installed 
via PXE. By simple set-up i can install, update or rescue everything. Need
to say, that it's possible thanks to university network ;)

I can provide quite hole tftpserver with all .msg and .cfg files if
somebody was interested.

Tomas Ruprich

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