[CentOS] Two Issues - Postfix and Gamin

Brent DiNicola centos at elric.net
Wed Jun 13 14:46:38 UTC 2007


I have done a bit of searching and I have found that the 4.5 version of
Postfix is the following rpm: postfix-2.2.10-1.1.el4.i386.rpm. I had
previously had the CentOSPlus version with mysql compiled in and just
recently upgraded to 4.5 from 4.4, upon doing this.. the above RPM was
installed, which is greater than the postfix with mysql from CentOSPlus,
which is the following rpm:
postfix-2.2.10-1.RHEL4.2.mysql_pgsql.c4.i386.rpm (note the 2.2.10-1
version without the extra .1 from above.)

I tried to manually install the postfix with mysql but of course the
versioning is greater on 4.5 rpm, is there a plan to fix this or should I
try to roll my own RPM with mysql included? This happened to restart
during a 5am auto yum update, causing my server to bounce this morning
until I found it, ooops my bad!

The second issue is also with 4.5 but with Gamin. I have about 20 Linux
CentOS workstations that have been running nicely for several months
(almost years) and after the 4.5 upgrade I have noticed that the
gam_server process with Gamin keeps sucking up all the CPU cycles after a
short time of running. (Sometimes tied to screen saver use but not
always). I haven't changed anything in my environment that I can see would
cause this problem after the 4.5 upgrade. (Same file server for NFS
mounts, same autofs entries etc). Has anyone else noticed this issue and
found a work around, I did some digging but most entries on this issue are
from the 2005 range which didn't fix my issue and/or were for an older
version. The /etc/gamin/gaminrc didn't fix it through various mutations of
entries and short of removing the gam_server from libexec, I would like to
find a solution or know if anyone else has experienced this issue.



PS. Great work guys on the OS, I have lurked on the Mailing lists for a
number of years and you are doing outstanding work and support. Great JOB!

Brent DiNicola/Whitewolf
The Whitewolf of Imrryr
<centos .AT. elric.net>
Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed here are
from my dog. Any liabilities fall to the dog.

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