[CentOS] network raid file system/server

"Petr \"Qaxi\" Klíma" qaxi at seznam.cz
Thu Jun 14 13:50:04 UTC 2007

Farkas Levente napsal(a):
> hi,
> we've a few 10-20 server in a lan each has 4-8 hdd. we'd like to create
> one big file server on these server hard disks and we'd like to create
> it in a redundant way ie:
> - if one (or more) of the hdd or server fails the whole filesystem still
> usable and consistent.
> - any server in this farm can see the same storage/filesystem.
> it's someting a big network raid5-6... storage where we have about
> 40<partition added to the same network volume. and there is an fs over
> it which hide all internal network raid functionality.
> is there any such solution? i can't find any way to do this on our
> linux servers.
what about souch FS blocks path

server->gfs->LVM-> raid1(disc0)-> iscsi 
                   \->LVM-> raid1(disc1)-> iscsi 

in souch setup you have no single point of failure

bacause of money you can decrease number of switches (FE to 2 and 
connect each server and FS to both of them)

If you do not need concurent access from 1+ servers to one fs 
(partition, logicalvolume, same file ...) you do not need gfs ..


   Petr Klíma

   e-mail:  qaxi at seznam.cz              

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