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Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Sat Jun 16 10:58:38 UTC 2007

On Sat, 16 Jun 2007 05:50:13 -0500
Chris <racerx at makeworld.com> wrote:

> Is CentOS held to the same philosophy as Fedora by NOT including apps
> to play formats such mp3 etc.  
> If this is the case, how easy is it (looking for a how-to url) to add
> things such as gstream-bad to a Cent install.

Never mind....


"There is no mp3 support in CentOS! Or is there? How about other
multimedia formats?

Yes. There is no mp3 support in CentOS, as there is no mp3 support in
the distributions from upstream. It's not included because of legal
(patent) issues. You either can encode your music files to ogg vorbis,
which is supported in CentOS or install mp3 support from a third party
repository, namely rpmforge. For example: If you want mp3 support for
xmms, then install xmms-mp3 from that repository.

The same is true for several other multimedia formats (codecs, for
example gstreamer plugins) and multimedia players like xine or mplayer.
These aren't packaged with CentOS because of legal issues, but you may
find those in the rpmforge repository."

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