[CentOS] antivirus

Wayne wayne at nightsol.net
Mon Jun 18 00:00:05 UTC 2007

Hey Guys,

Thanks to everybody who responded to my first email..

Been thinking about this a bit more.
Does anybody know if its possible to have all desktops running antivirus
logging alerts and to a central linux server which
could log to mysql?
Would be really handy for reporting.

I can see that the updates can be downloaded from a share on a linux server
but Im wondering about storing logging data
and maybe configuration?
Pretty much everything out there these days has a way to log into sql except
I can find an antivirus that can do this?

Then our current centos server could be a central console for all the
antivirus apps on the client windows machines..

Is this possible? To have antvirus alerts logged to sql centrally? Would be
pretty sweet...

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