[CentOS] Correct xen domains path

Rick Barnes linux at sitevision.com
Mon Jun 18 15:05:24 UTC 2007

Daniel de Kok wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 11:50 +0200, Jordi Espasa Clofent wrote:
>> 1. According to 
>> http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Xen/InstallingCentOSDomU?highlight=%28xen%29 
>> it would be /srv/xen or even /var/lib/xen/images.
>> ¿What is the correct absolute path to put into the xen domains files?
> Whatever you prefer, as long as the images have the correct security
> context. Otherwise, SELinux will deny access to the images.
>> 2. Moreover, if you want the domU(s) boot together dom0, you should put 
>> the domains files (images) into /etc/xen/auto.
>> ¿A simple symlink will be enough in this case?
> No, you shouldn't put the images there, but the (Xen) domain
> configuration files of the domains you would like to start during the
> boot process.

As Daniel said it the config file that goes in /etc/xen/auto, but you 
can also symlink to the config file, not the image.

My preference was to use /srv/xen and then symlink /srv/xen/etc to 
/etc/xen and /srv/xen/images to /var/lib/xen/images


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