[CentOS] Re: Upgrade of dovecot broke imap (CentOS 4.5)

Dave Hatton lists at starground.it
Mon Jun 18 22:17:42 UTC 2007

>> I've had a similar problem that I haven't been able to resolve yet.
>> I downgraded to dovecot 1.0.0 (from atrpms) and all is well.
>> I think that the authentication methods are changing and I was 
> planning some research tomorrow.
>> Hope this helps.
> 	It does.  I was just thinking of trying that so I'll give it a shot
and see what happens.  I do wish yum had a facility for >downgrading
> 	I just did a search on atrpms stable for dovecot and it's no longer
there.  There is a dovecot-sieve rpm.  I had to downgrade all >the way back
to 0.99.11-8.EL4 from the base repo to get things working again.

I have rpms for 1.0.0 / Centos4 stored here - which I can make available to
you if you need?

Although I see Axelis going to produce a fix very soon now so maybe you
won't need them.

Let me know


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