[CentOS] Wireless mouse problem

P Marvin Eberly eberlyml at wjtl.net
Mon Jun 18 23:27:32 UTC 2007

Hello all, 
 Just for kicks I plugged in a Microsoft wireless optical desktop 1000
keyboard/mouse combo into my Centos 4.5 machine. It recognized it on
boot and configured it and it mostly works good. The issue is with the
mouse, when I hold it over a folder on my desktop for a second or so it
grabs the folder and opens a small menu as if I was using my middle
button on my Logitech. All this happens without me touching a button. It
also opens links in firefox (seemingly at random) and brings background
windows to the front as soon as the cursor touches them. 
  I know it's probably my punishment for using something with that name
on it, but I really didn't expect it to work as well as it does. Does
anyone have any ideas of config files or any other things I could try to
get this working better.

  It is a USB keyboard/mouse with a single receiver, and the machine is
fully updated.

   Marvin E.
P Marvin Eberly <eberlyml at wjtl.net>

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