[CentOS] Re: how to change distro live?

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bppiac.hu
Tue Jun 19 09:03:31 UTC 2007

Dhawal Doshy wrote:
> Farkas Levente wrote:
>> hi,
>> we've got many mandrake 8,9 and 10 system remotely. we'd like to
>> remotely replace these systems to centos 5. we've 4 disk in them. one is
>> the system drive (no need for raid) and there is free space on the
>> remaining 3 disk. so what we think about:
>> - download the new system to the data disks
>> - install grub (mandrake has lilo) to boot the old system and reboot
>> - create the old system in the data disk
>> - update grub to boot the old system from the data disk and reboot
>> - repartition the system disk
>> - transfer the new system to the system disk
>> - update grub to boot form new system disk and reboot.
>> this seems to easy but has many very dangerous steps and we has only
>> remote ssh access to the system. if we loose the connections we can't
>> access the system anymore and we've to travel a lot! another constrain
>> that we should have to do this very fast ie. it'd be nice if the system
>> wouldn't be down for a long time.
>> - what would be the best method for this?
>> - what are the dangerous step here?
>> - what would be the best way and format to transfer the new system to
>> the disk (we think about an iso file)?
>> - does anybody do such thing and what is his experience?
>> thank you for your help in advance.
> See koan, a helper program with cobbler http://cobbler.et.redhat.com/

we can't assess to the server's console so we can't change to boot from

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