[CentOS] manual partitioning with centos 5

Marco jjletho67-sotnec at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 19 10:07:04 UTC 2007

i'm used to manual partition and format disks before
installing the O.S. but with centos 5 this results in
an unbootable system. Usually, to manual partition the
disks I use the installation disk in recovery mode..

The partition schema I choose was:
/dev/sda1   /boot
/dev/sda2   swap
/dev/sda3   LVM PV

inside the LVM VG I created the following LV

Then I formatted all the partitions with ext3 (doing
some tuning on ext3 parameters)

After I had partitioned and formatted the disk  I
booted from the installation CD and I installed centos
5 without any error. The installed system was not able
to boot at all , the boot process ends with a kernel
panic when trying to mount the root partition.

On the same hardware Itryed to install centos 5
choosing the deafult auto partition option and the
resulting system was ok.

What's wrong ? What did i miss ?

Thank you in advance


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