[CentOS] xen and atl1

Kamill S mailinglist at vp.pl
Mon Jun 25 20:16:49 UTC 2007

Hello list,

did someone have a similar issue like I have? ->
Bought an AMD X2 3600+ and an Asus M2V (with Attansic L1 Gigabit
Ethernet Adapter). Installed Centos 5 64_x86 and build atl1 from this
source -> http://www.hogchain.net/attansic/AtL1Linux_v1.0.41.0.tar.gz
After an insmod atl1 Centos say good bye with a kernel panic.
I could only remind that there stand "Bad RIP value." and "_stext...."
The driver runs fine with a non-xen kernel.

Sorry for my scanty description. Its only a general question.
Do someone have some informations?
With google I don't have success.
My next step is mailing to xen mailinglist.


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