[CentOS] In the market for a new (old) laptop

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Wed Jun 27 19:27:32 UTC 2007

Just spoke with one of my colleagues about  IBM.

x31 is a steal and everything 'works'  He is running Gentoo on his x31.

Don't touch the x41.

Of course x60, "It's a F*****G IBM".  Well he's an old army NCO...

Joshua Baker-LePain wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 at 12:01pm, Johnny Tan wrote
>> I've been seriously considering the Thinkpad X60s series as my top 
>> choice. The specs look great, but I'm trying to find more detailed 
>> reviews from an actual user (like you did for the nc4010).
> I've got a Z61t, which is somewhat similar (I believe), and love it.  
> I'm running FC6 on it, and just about everything works.  Video (intel) 
> worked out of the box (including the stupid 3D desktop effects).  The 
> ipw3945 wireless required some tweaking (not much), but works up to 
> and including WPA2.  Suspend/resume worked out of the box, but sucked 
> a lot more power than it should -- changing the scripts to unload the 
> USB modules before suspending fixed that.  And the SD card reader 
> worked briefly with some kernel versions, but has stopped working 
> again (and I haven't bothered looking into it).  Oh, and the 
> integrated webcam has never worked.  The fingerprint reader can be 
> made to work, but, again, I haven't bothered.
>> From a hardware standpoint, the Thinkpads feel very solid.  I have a 
>> user 
> with an X60 (running XP), and she loves it.  The thing is definitely 
> tiny and light.

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