[CentOS] How to add to EPEL wishlist?

Radu-Cristian FOTESCU beranger5ca at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 28 10:46:46 UTC 2007

Does anyone know how to submit wishes to the EPEL Wishlist here?

It reads "Immutable Page".

They say: "Please add packages that are part of Fedora but lack a EPEL maintainer to this list", but there is no way to do that!

They don't say if "Packages part of Fedora" means "Core" or it can be Extras too, but packages obviously missing from RHEL (4 and 5) and castrating the KDE desktop include:
-- JuK (it was stripped off kdemultimedia);
-- Kaffeine;
-- gtk-qt-engine;

As a side note for AmaroK lovers: I am very happy with the simpler JuK on systems where I have it, and it *does* have a future, as it will be present in KDE4 too: http://www.purinchu.net/wp/2007/06/26/juk-love/

But Red Hat _hates_ KDE apps, and it even castrates official KDE packages such as kdemultimedia...


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