[CentOS] Battery status indicator in CentOS 4.4

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Thu Jun 28 18:04:14 UTC 2007

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>Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 19:22:09 +0100
>From: Andrew Allen <andy.allen at virgin.net>
>Subject: [CentOS] Battery status indicator in CentOS 4.4
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>I've got CentOS 4.4 installed on 3 machines - two laptops and a PC.
>Only one, a HP Omnibook 900, shows the graphical battery status
>indicator (in the bottom right of the screen), but the other laptop (a

Andy: As someone previous mentioned, if you are using GNOME, there is an
applet: (a) Right click on the panel (where you see Applications,
Actions, etc.) (b) Select Add to Panel (an Add to Panel window appears)
(c) Select Battery Charge Monitor (you will probably need to configure
it). HTH.

P.S. Please do not cross post!

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