[CentOS] CentOS 5 + XGL + fglrx (ati) + dualhead

ArcosCom Linux User linux at arcoscom.com
Fri Jun 29 15:16:57 UTC 2007

Well, some progress.

I had installed xgl and appears to be working.

Now the problem is that on the right screen don't load the desktop, I can
only view a black screen and the mouse cursor appears as a "X" over that

I can play with beryl on the laptop flat fine (1600x1050 with 24bpp), but
not with the external LCD (1280x1024 with 24bpp). The right screen
(external LCD) works fine witout XGL, and appears to work fine with Xgl,
but the secondary desktop is not loaded into the secondary screen.

With "ps aux" I can see 2 xorg process and only one Xgl process.

Perhaps I need to make modifications into any gdm configuration files?
What files I have to modify? How?

Perhaps I need to make modifications into xorg.conf to adapt it for Xgl use?

Please, I need help about this.

I attach the relevant .conf files to the e-mail.


El Jue, 28 de Junio de 2007, 13:33, ArcosCom Linux User escribió:
> Hi again.
> I've got a laptop with an ATI X600 inside, perfectly working xorg with
dual head configuration, 2 desktops (without xinerama).
> I've got 2 xorg.conf files, one for propietary ATI (fglrx) driver, and
other to use the open source driver. The difference is very notorious. The
problem I have is that I read (Saint Google) that to work with
compiz/beryl and dual-head configuration, I need to install XGL. That is
why I wrote this message.
> Has anyone been installed XGL under Centos 6 using dual-head
> and fglrx driver?
> Does anyone know links to tutorials/repositoris that I can use to
> XGL?
> Does anyone know information on How-to configure XGL to allow the
dual-head configuration use?
> My system is updated and is working perfectly with xorg. But I want to
know how to run beryl in my system and make a mini how-to to configure it
> with xgl+fglrx+dual-head and send it to centos wiki. I have been reading
info about the same, but under Ubuntu or FC distros, but it is
> or difficult to translate on Centos distro (at least for me).
> Thanks you for any start point (links, howtos, repositories, etc...)
> help me in this documentation/configuration process.
> Regards
> === Spanish version ===
> Hola de nuevo, colisteros.
> Tengo un portátil con una ATI X600 en el cuál tengo perfectamente
configurado las Xorg para el uso de 2 monitores con escritorios
> independientes, sin Xinerama.
> Tengo 2 xorg.conf, uno para usar el driver propietario ATI (fglrx) y
> para el uso del driver de código abierto y, sinceramente, se nota mucho
> diferencia entre el uso de uno y otro.
> El tema es que para que beryl/compiz funcione con el driver propietario
> ATI y con 2 monitores, se ve que necesito hacerlo usando XGL. Por ello
> por lo que os escribo el siguiente e-mail.
> ¿Alguno ha instalado XGL bajo CentOS 5 usando fglrx y 2 monitores?
> ¿Alguno conoce links hacia tutoriales/repositorios que pueda usar para
instalar XGL?
> ¿Información sobre cómo configurar XGL para usar 2 monitores?
> Indicaros que el sistema está actualizado y está funcionando
> con las xorg. El tema es que me apetece probar cómo montar beryl en el
mismo y hacer un pequeño HOW-TO para 2 monitores y publicarlo o mandarlo
al wiki, ya que he visto información para Ubuntu/FC6, pero o es
> o difícil de adaptar (al menos para mí) a Centos 5.
> Os agradecería mucho cualquier punto de partida que me ayude a
> documentarme sobre XGL y configurarlo bien para su uso con 2 monitores,
> luego veré cómo meter compiz o beryl.
> Salu2
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