[CentOS] Disabling shutdown button

Erik Laxdal elaxdal at ECE.UVic.CA
Fri Jun 29 23:42:00 UTC 2007

Web and Co sprl - Patrick DERWAEL wrote:
> Ooops, sorry for that …
> There is no “Action” box under Desktop, Administration, Authentication
> I’ve done the following changes in /etc/gdm/custom.conf (just in case it helps…)
> [daemon]
> HaltCommand=
> RebootCommand=
> [greeter]
> SoundOnLogin=false
> SystemMenu=false
> ConfigAvailable=false
> ChooserButton=false
> According to the documentation, this should do it, but that’s not quite the case…:-(
> Any other clue ???

All you need is the SystemMenu=false statement as above and two small 
modifications to another file:

The two modifications are:

1. Change line 102 from:
                          <show modes="console"/>
                          <show type="reboot" modes="console"/>

2. Change line 118 from:
                          <show modes="console"/>
                          <show type="halt" modes="console"/>

The lines above both of these should have an item tag refering to the 
appropriate reboot/halt button.  Then restart the gdm.  The shutdown and 
reboot buttons should no longer appear.


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